The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats: The Stress-Health Connection
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The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats: The Stress-Health Connection
The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats: The Stress-Health ConnectionNew ConceptsThe New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats: The Stress-Health Connection
The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats: The Stress-Health Connection

Welcome to New Concepts!

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My years of experience as a veterinarian have taught me that to recover from unwellness or illness and become truly well, dogs and cats need to live lives that are as free as possible from negative stress, eat a suitable diet, and, when necessary, be supported by therapies that work with, rather than against, their bodies’ natural processes. In New Concepts I will discuss the therapies, lifestyles, and diets I recommend that have given my patients significant health improvements. Check back with us often, as I plan to expand this part of the site over time.


To support the wellness of our dog and cat patients, my staff and I choose from a range of fascinating modalities: Homeopathy, Polysan Therapy, Acupuncture (including Auricular Acupuncture), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Botanicals (herbal medicine), Bach Flower Therapy, Reba Testing, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), Low Level Laser Therapy, Scenar (biofeedback), Colour Therapy, Neural Therapy, Auricular Medicine, Bioresonance, Dark Field Microscopy, Hair Tissue Analysis, and Basic and Therapeutic Nutrition. Most of these modalities have proven to us to be extremely useful. Others are very new to us and we are still discovering their value. In this section, I will discuss each of these modalities and my experience with them.

Why natural methods go with holistic health care

The holistic approach to health care addresses the patient as a whole rather than treating solely her symptoms. Natural therapies work in harmony with the holistic approach because they allow the body to self-regulate and progress toward the healing it inherently seeks.

Here’s a brief introduction to each of the natural methods I use to support dogs’ and cats’ wellness. I will go into more depth as new material becomes ready to post, so check back with us often.



Based on the “like cures like” theory, homeopathic remedies are plant, animal, or mineral dilutions that stimulate cellular enzyme systems and the body’s natural defences. We use single remedies, drainage remedies, polysans, isopathics, and homotoxicology for re-establishing balance in our patients.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical practice using thin needles inserted into specific points along the body’s meridians (through which energy flows) to treat a broad range of illness and pain.

Herbal Medicine (Botanicals)

The healing powers of herbs balance the emotional, mental, and physical dimensions of animals. We utilize a broad range of herbal medicines from different approaches from around the world including North American botanicals, Ayurvedic herbs from India, Chinese herbs, and Gemmotherapy.

Bach Flower Therapy and Psychosomatic Therapies

Bach flower remedies are a safe and effective way to help restore an animal’s emotional balance. We use Reba testing to help us determine which natural psychosomatic therapies (such as flower remedies) will benefit the pet at a deep emotional level.


Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

VOM re-establishes neuronal communication in the nervous system by finding and reducing all spinal subluxations (neurological miscommunication resulting in pain, paralysis, or loss of function).

Low Level Laser Therapy

We employ a number of different light frequencies to reduce inflammation and pain in a spectrum of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We also use laser light therapy to heal superficial skin infections.

Auricular Medicine

Auricular medicine is a method of bioenergetic assessment used to detect any functional imbalances affecting a pet’s organ systems. Once these imbalances have been addressed, the organs return to optimal function and the animal’s symptoms improve.

Basic and Therapeutic Nutrition

Therapeutic Nutrition corrects the individual’s deficiencies or excesses in order to prevent pathology and to reverse tissue damage. We encourage a natural feeding programme for promoting and maintaining wellness, and use supplemental minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to meet each pet’s specific nutritional needs.